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We look forward to serving you some of the best of the Pacific Northwest.

Mischief on Canal will be featuring a menu created entirely of fresh local foods, and hand-crafted cocktails made from spirits distilled on site. Imagine yourself safely gathering with friends on our open-air deck, in the evening sunset. Watching the boats float along the canal, enjoying good conversation, while eating and sipping some of the finest that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

The only open air dining option with a view of the Canal!

Keep your eyes open for more information as we finalize the menu and a safe re-opening plan.

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Raised in Tacoma since she was three years old, Rachael relocated to Seattle after high school to attend college. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree and hopes to transfer to Seattle University in the fall.

“Mischief on Canal is such a beautiful space, and i enjoy being here. It is going to be really cool to share.”

Rachael began working at the Adriatic Grill in Tacoma when she was 17. She has experience working the front and back of the house, along with helping to organize and plan hosted events.

She is looking forward to people discovering this space, getting some regulars, and helping to arrange private events held at the new Mischief on Canal.

“It feels very homey here. Its very easy to get comfortable in this space.” Adding “it feels very true Seattle. Everyone that comes in loves it!”

Rachael is an intelligent, vivacious person that will shine with her joyful spirit and desire to bring people from different walks of life together, to mingle, and share their stories. She is full of a positive, comfortable, and fun energy that will help brighten up the dreariest of Seattle days.

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Uniquely suited, The Canal Room is a place where you can hold an effective team meeting then break for pleasure to enjoy a Distillery Tour, fine food & sips, a flight of Mischief’s award-winning whiskey or just relax near the water and watch the parade of boats go by.

Two 13-foot entry gates into our Courtyard herald a sense of arrival & belonging even for large groups. A perfect place for weddings and receptions, where guests can rock to live music on the stage, or retreat to the Rooftop Terrace & Bar overlooking the Canal to sip their favorite cocktail or wine.


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“Foodz’ team of culinary artists provides a diversity of globally-inspired menus, arranged in tastefully elegant presentations.”

Fresh, local ingredients infused with flavors from around the globe. Innovative seasonal menus. All lovingly prepared to our chefs’ exacting specifications, then presented with artistic flair and style.”


“Kaspars’ team of seasoned experts will put you at ease as they assist with planning and coordinating the many aspects of a truly special event.”

“Tom Douglas Catering and Events creates unique, culinary-centric affairs with seamless style, gracious service and handmade food that’s always prepared to order.”




Mike Sherlock and his wife Patti started making whiskey in the early 90’s…an offshoot of Mike’s commercial fishing. The Bellingham, WA, fishing group Mike was a part of successfully fished the coast of Bristol Bay. Their fish was high quality, and they had a lot of it, so they attempted to negotiate a better price. The fishing company offered just the tiniest increase. So instead, the fishermen decided to open up a new market in China. That first trip, Mike brought along a little Maker’s Mark Bourbon as a gift to lubricate negotiations.  The Chinese bought their sock-eye and herring roe, but what they really wanted was the whiskey! Well, the fishermen came home to America and tried to buy whiskey to export. Kentucky distillers are a tight-knit group; when a group of Seattle fishermen turned up at their door, they laughed them out of the state! This was long before “Deadliest Catch” made Seattle fishermen famous. But one of the crew from Bellingham knew of a start-up distillery in Canada.  The fishermen invested, bought half of the operation and that started their whiskey making story.

Not very tasty at first, the whiskey got better over time. In the late 90’s they started making the rye whiskey recipe from John Jacob’s journals. Somewhere along the way Mike bought out his partners and has been in the whiskey business  since.  When the craft law passed in Washington, Mike and Patti started Fremont Mischief here in Washington State.

Patti comes from a long line of whiskey makers also. In Europe, making spirits and beer for home use is a centuries old practice. Mobile stills journeyed farm to farm, distilling the crops of one family before moving to the next. This tradition traveled here when Patti’s grandfather John Jacob immigrated from Holland in 1929. It was the Great Depression when he traveled West, with his family, to Oregon.  In his small community everyone helped each other get by.  John Jacob would distill a little wheat for one neighbor, a little corn for another but in his journals he said rye was his favorite and he wrote down the recipe he used in his still.  His Rye Field is still there today and his recipe survives in the whiskey that bears his name, John Jacob Rye Whiskey.

Mike Sherlock & Patti Bishop

Owners of Mischief Distillery & Mischief On Canal
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Tasting Room Hours:
Wednesday – Sunday : 11 AM – 6 PM

Distillery : 206-632-0957

Tasting Room : 206-632-7286

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